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Senin, 07 April 2014

Wirasat Motif

Wirasat means the symbol that is associated with an application. Bathik This is a development of Sida Mulya motif whose contents consist of various shades bathik. Among them: bathik "Scratch", "Truntum", "Sida Luhur", and "Sida Mulya".
The meaning of this motif, so that all the petition is granted, reaching a high position and independent, fulfilled all the material, as well as request guidance from God when gets dark so quickly given the way that light. Bathik this motif surfaced with bathik Sida Mukti motif in the NT. IV of the 1800's.
At the beginning of this motif is used by the old group alone, but in its development of this motif within the community of parents is often used in the event mbesan bride's son. This pattern of geometric motifs such as noble bathik Sido, Sido mukti and related to the trust kejawen.
Basic understanding of power is believed to arise from the concept of the universe, aside from human power. In this geometric pattern bathik symbolizes that the king is the symbol of power and the world, which means giving revelation embodied by giving the rank of the position to kawulanya.The king also passed laws applied protector. This is depicted motifs that met in four lozenge for common ground, as a symbol of the king surrounded by his aides as it is called "Pancaniti" where;

* King as a Judge,
* Patih as a prosecutor,
* Poet as the Registrar and
* Senapati and scholars as the basis for balancing decision.
Or for those four central Java is a power of the universe, which also:

* Purwa means the east associated with the rising sun
meaningful beginning of everything.
* Daksina meant as a symbol of the south peak of living things.
* Pracima means symbolizes western sunset.
* Untara means north, symbolizing the end of a life on earth.
Motif Wirasat before appearing in Surakarta Bathik has grown geometrically first by type "ceplok".

Selasa, 01 April 2014

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